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Feng Shui consultation
 What is Feng Shui? It is an art and a science, a 5000 year old Chinese philosophy that governs spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to patterns of yin and yang and the flow of energy. Huh? It's a design system for living in harmony with your environment. Fung = wind, Shui = water, representing the continuous energy exchange between people and environment. Everything around you represents something and we help bring an awareness to all the tangible things around you. Determining the most propitious design and placement of the objects and furniture in your home to promote good energy. We also figure this in relation to your personal best direction.  Aristotle a Greek philosopher student of Plato discovered matter and it is a known scientific fact that everything is made up of energy. Some things promote good energy and with proper placement within your home they will bring abundance, wealth, love and good health.  We put a new western spin on Feng Shui by giving everything around you a purpose, teaching you to
 be consciously aware of the things around you and what they
 represent, doing so creates meaning, happiness and good energy. 
If you are struggling in any area we can help! Focus areas for Feng Shui include Career, Wealth,Love, Relationships, Health, Travel, Family, Fame, Creativity, Children, Religion, Helpful people.

Home Staging consultation   
What is home staging? Home staging is a style of decorating that has a welcoming effect on visitors. A home staging consultation is most often used if you want to sell or rent your home. It's also used as an aid in decorating, for parties, models, offices and time shares. We give you advice on how to showcase the qualities of your home by the placement of decor and furniture.  People who use a home staging expert sell their home in 1/2 the time.  We currently have a competitive "buyers" market your home must be in tip top shape and we can help. It's amazing how just moving the furniture around can make a space look twice as big.


Practical arrangement, household management 
& organization
What is Practical arrangement'? Ever feel you don't have enough time in the day? Can't find socks, keys, that stack of bills? Do you waste valuable time fumbling around looking for stuff? Do you do your hair and then mess it up by putting your shirt on last? Do you clean your floors and then wipe off the counters doping crumbs on the clean floor? We can teach you how to save up to 3 hours per day just by getting organized, establishing a routine and feasible pattern for everything in your home, office and life. It's simple really it just take some practice and a conscious awareness of your everyday activity's. In just 26days it becomes a habit, a good habit that will save you time, money and energy. We use these techniques when training our housekeeping staff they can clean a 3000sqft house in 1/5 the time it takes the average homeowner all because they are doing it in a practical order.

Cleaning Service
 No two homes are the same, no two customers are alike. We customize our service to add or remove cleaning requests so that you can get the cleaning service that meets your needs. To give you an idea of what we do, below is a list of the typical cleaning tasks included in a regular cleaning. 

  • Vacuum Floors
  • Clean Glass Doors
  • Dust for Cobwebs
  • Feather Dust Windowsills and Baseboards as needed 
  • Clean Light Switch Plates
  • Make Beds (sheets extra charge)
  • Tidy Rooms general pickup and stage
  • Dust All Furnishings within Reach
  • Dust Ceiling Fans and lights within Reach
  • Dust Blinds / shutters
  • Empty Trash

  • Clean All Counter tops
  • Clean Sink and Faucets
  • Clean Outside of Appliances (inside extra charge)
  • Clean Inside of Microwave
  • Clean Cabinet Exteriors
  • Wipe Table and Chairs and other furniture
  • Dust Baseboards (hand washing extra charge)
  • Mop Floor (Hand scrubbing extra charge)
  • Sanitize Counter and Sink area
  • Sanitize and scrub Shower /Tub
  • Sanitize and scrub Toilet
  • Windex Mirrors, Chrome
  • Vacuum or sweep/mop Floor
  • Dust Light Fixtures within Reach (high fixtures extra charge)
  • Dust Baseboards
  • Spot Clean Cabinet Exteriors
  • Fold Towels
  • Spot Clean Walls as needed


 What type of cleaning products do you use and do I need to provide anything? We use GREEN cleaning products as often as possible. We care about the environment, the safety of our crew, you, your children and pets! We bring everything we need, however if you have products you like we are happy to use your supplies as well.
Do I have to pay a travel fee? Due to high gas prices we are GOING GREEN!!  We will waive travel fees within 10 miles of our office IF we can schedule you on a day and time that allows us the least amount of travel and drive time.  If you require a specific cleaning day or time we may be able to accommodate you however a travel fee of $10-$20 will apply depending upon location. 
What if I need to change an appointment?  Canceled appointment policy: we require a minimum of 48 hours notice with no penalty this is so we can fill your spot and still earn our pay. However if we drive to your home and you are not home or have not left a key or way of entrance we charge a $45 wasted time and gas fee as we still must pay employees for time spent during travel.  If this happens on a 50% OFF deal certificate it is forfeited and will not be refunded by us or the issuing company period.  
Do I need to Tip? It is proper etiquette to tip all your service providers! Gratuity is not required but always appreciated. 10-20% is customary. Some clients on a budget opt to tip with drinks, snacks or small gifts.  A cleaning service is a very personal service, taking care of your biggest investment--your home--and help protect your family against germs causing illness. Holiday gratuity (Christmas) is equal to one full visit or one weeks cleaning fees for weekly clients. Example if your cleaning fee is $80 a tip of $80 for a total of $160 is appropriate during the holidays. 
What if I have a complaint?  Every once in a while things happen.  If you are paying a flat rate for recurring service and we legitimately miss something we will gladly return and fix that area for FREE however you must contact us withing 24 hours of the visit so that we can see what it was and learn from the mistake. 

If you are paying for a set amount of Hourly cleaning or a deal certificate worth hourly cleaning we may not have time to get to everything that needs cleaning. We encourage you to tell us what area is most important during hourly cleanings so that we can spend more time and focus on those areas.  We do not return to clean for free on hourly jobs as we already provided service paid for during that set of hours.  If you need additional hours of cleaning we are more than happy to schedule you for more time at an additional cost.  

Our crew is fully trained and it is our goal to earn your repeat business. Rest assured we spend the entire time paid for cleaning  we take no breaks during your paid time and have a track record of 14 years of satisfied clients and never a complaint logged with the BBB.

Special mention:
Thank you to our loyal clients who gave us 5 stars on yelp! 
James "K & S Home Services has been providing excellent, thoughtful and efficient  cleaning services in my home for over four years. They keep our home spotless, and it is appreciated.  Since the same crew comes each time, they've developed an efficient routine tailored to our needs (dogs/cats/children). One of the things I really like is that they have a menu of special services over and above basic cleaning -- such as periodic refrigerator cleaning, deep spring cleaning, carpet cleaning, auto detailing and Feng Shui. I've had them do all of these extras for me, including the Feng Shui, which I was skeptical about at first, but good things seem to be happening, so I'm not moving anything they re-arranged for me!"

Ann  "Great service! I called them in a bind when my mother in law came into town unannounced... these gals saved my butt. They did a great  job cleaning, really friendly and informative!  They changed all the beds, helped me hang that God awful print my mother in law got us for Christmas, rearranged the guest room, cleaned out the closet and folded the towels into cool animals in the guest bath!!"

Edie "Great service! Always dependable and friendly!"

Laura "We have used K&S Cleaning for over a year and a half and have been more than satisfied with their quality of cleaning and attention to detail!  We have used a total of  3 other cleaners in the past and have no reason to 'shop' any more - K&S is simply the BEST!  There's nothing like coming home to the smell of a fresh, clean house!  They have been flexible and friendly with our crazy schedule and that's always appreciated as well! I had recommended K&S to my neighbor (she is now on board) and will continue to recommend their services to everyone I know!!  THANKS for continuing to do a great job for us!!!"

Scott"Excellent service. I was very happy to use K & S cleaning after being told by a friend about them. Couldn't recommend more!! Thanks Shelli and speak to you soon when my carpets need doing again."
 Flu season tips
 Cold viruses thrive in dry, winter air. Keeping your indoor humidity levels between 40% and 60% will help during cold/flu season.  Keep Your Humidifier Clean!! Moisturize your hands regularly, small cracks in dry skin can be entry points for unwanted germs, including cold and flu viruses. CDC says 80% of infections are transmitted by hands! Use hand sanitizer when washing isn’t possible. Generally hand sanitizer works better than washing it kills germs on contact because of the alcohol but some organisms, particularly C. do not respond to hand sanitizer. Use hot water and plenty of soap and drying with paper towels is more sanitary than cloth towels.  Keep hand sanitizer, antibacterial soap, and hand lotion at every sink! Keep hand sanitizer on the dinner table!   

 Average car contains 283 types of bacteria per square centimeter. Keep your car clean!! Keep Lysol spray, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, tissues, and hand lotion in the car.   

Phones, mouse, vending machines and keyboards should be wiped down on a regular basis, and if you eat at your desk, you should clean it before and after you eat. Keep Lysol spray, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, a spray bottle of 90% hospital grade alcohol, antibacterial soap, tissues, and hand lotion at work! 

 At school keeping the classroom clean both models the lessons and lessens the likelihood of spreading the flu. Keeping the classroom clean during flu season goes beyond sweeping or vacuuming and erasing the black board. A disinfectant spray can make it easy to keep pencil sharpeners, staplers, door knobs, light switches and other small, frequently used classroom items clean. Cleaning wipes and spray cleaners are also useful to keep around for desks and tables as well as surfaces that should be wiped down instead of sprayed. Teachers get students involved. Keep age appropriate cleaning supplies available so students can help, and teach them both why to do it and how to effectively clean surfaces. Parents PLEASE donate some cleaning supplies to your kids teacher for use in that class room. Lysol spray, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, a spray bottle of 90% hospital grade alcohol, antibacterial soap, tissues, and hand lotion!!!   

General tips  ·        

1.Wash children’s clothes in HOT water they pick up lots of germs at school do not use cold cycles. 
2.Handle trash carefully: Avoid touching trash.
3. When you are sick flush nasty nose tissues do not leave them to linger in the trash for hours. Germs have legs and can jump out of the trash can. ·
4. Regularly clean your toothbrush especially when sick run it in the dishwasher.
     5. When dish washing use sanitation cycle and hot water cycles.
6.Wash the dish brush/scrubber in the dishwasher.

7. Kill germs on kitchen sponge by microwaving for 1 minute.      

Did you know?
Antibacterial products must remain on a surface for several minutes to activate the germ killing! 

 Our New product line works on contact available for your personal home use!

We at K&S Home Services wish you all a happy and healthy
 NON- flu season! 

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