K&S Home Services - Feng Shui, Sale Property Staging & Home Cleaning!

Spring specials!!
$25 Appliance combo!
Fridge/Dishwasher/Oven- interior and exterior Clean.
$35 for non-self cleaning ovens, double ovens, viking ovens & stoves, monster fridges.

Double cleans at ½ PRICE are back!
Double the normal time cleaning! 
Additional cost is based on ½ your normal rate. 
If regular maintenance rate $100 for 3 hours you pay $150 6 HOURS of cleaning save $50! 
If regular maintenance rate $50 for 1.5 hours you pay $75 3 HOURS of cleaning save $25!

Feel free to leave a list of extra tasks or we will take care of it for you and hit all the most noticeably obvious areas that need more attention. 

50% off consultations.
Feng Shui, staging, or practical arrangements 

Service pricing
Competitive rates for all types of home and domestic services! 

Want a FREE estimate? Just tell us about your needs. 
Square footage of the home, how many bedrooms, bathrooms, kids, pets, general location, and any other special requests.  
Go to our contact page or email us knscleaning@comcast.net

Recurring Home cleaning 
Partial cleanings start at $40-$70
1000-1500 sq ft $50-$75 per visit 
1500 to 2500 sq ft  $75-$100 per visit 
2500 to 3500 sq ft $80-$105 per visit 
4000+ sq ft email for an estimate.
Recurring clients get 10% off hourly cleaning when needed.
(prices are based upon actual size, condition & special requests)

Tipping etiquetteTipping is not required however greatly appreciated. It is customary to tip 10-20%Tips can be left in cash or added to the check.
A cleaning crew is trusted in your home, with your family and pets it's a very personal service, it requires taking care of your biggest investment and helping to protect your family against germs causing illness.

Any way you choose to show your thanks will be well received.Some clients leave drinks, snacks, small gifts in lieu of or in addition to tips.

3 hours of cleaning $199.00 sight unseen

2 hours of cleaning $150.00 sight unseen

Disinfectant special 
(Minimize the chance of influenza.) $50.00 

Kitchen deep clean special $50 with any cleaning 
Inside fridge, freezer, microwave, oven, dishwasher, toaster, coffee pot. Outside all cabinets, polishing all wood cabinets, inside trash cabinet, trash can sanitation, light fixtures, window, granite polish, baseboards, deep floor cleaning plus all regular cleaning.

Specialty Services prices
Feng Shui consultation
Complete home walk through $120.00 (Up to 2500 sq ft) 
Career & Wealth focus $79 
Love & Relationships area $79 

Home Staging consultation    
Complete home walk through $120.00 (Up to 2500 sq ft)


Practical arrangement, household management & organization
Complete home walk through $120.00 (Up to 2500 sq ft)  

In home cooking classes 
2 hours for $80
3 hours for $100
4 hours $115
(you provide food and pick the recipe)
We can also provide the food at market price. If you have no idea what you want to learn we can start out simple with chopping techniques and lite appetizers salsa, guacamole, dips, cold salads potato, tuna, veggie, chicken. Then work upto full meals like Italian cordon, california Benedict, ghost pepper fajita's.  Rue, hand made tortilla's, homemade butter, ice cream how about Chocolate Mouse? We have lots of meal ideas from family style & kid friendly, to ethnic, healthy, organic and formal. 

Kids cooking Birthday party's 
In home Start at $100
In our kitchen class room start at $150
(You pick the menu any thing you want, price will be based on food cost)
5 kids per instructor/adult (moms can help if it's a simple menu)

Hits with the kids
Homemade french fries, mini burgers with over the rainbow mac and cheese
Home made mini pizza's with cheesy garlic bread
Orange chicken, Cheesy tomato rice,Cream cheese won tons
Meatballs and bow ties with cheesy garlic bread 
Chicken Fondu with Elway Artichokes and a verity of sauces Kids love to dip! 
Italian soda's, home made soda pop, agave sweet tea. 

$$$ Discounts $$$

Cash paying clients receive 10% off 

Tell your friends about us!! Receive $20 off your next cleaning or consultation with a referral bonus!  

All cleaning clients receive 20% off our other services.
Feng Shui, Staging and practical arrangement.  

10% Military discount 

10% Senior discounts  

Offering complete household disinfectant to minimize the chance of influenza. Hospital grade heavy germ fighting cleaning solvent.  This product is GREEN safe for kids and pets. It includes an anti-fungicide, germicide, disinfectant and viralcide. This is not available to the public you must be a licensed cleaning service, doctor or hospital to order it.

 We use this cleaner on all touched areas from door knobs, light switches, handles, kitchen knobs, faucets, remotes, phones, counter tops, toilets, tubs everything you touch! This service  available for an additional $50.00.
We also sell single bottles of this cleaner! Keep it on hand just in case someone gets sick, take it to the office and spray it in your car. $15.00 each
*If you are one of our VIP weekly clients this service is already being included for free! This is our way to thank you for your loyalty over the years.

Must read Important info for  50% off Deal Vouchers
 We sell up to 500 vouchers at a time and actually only make 25% of our normal fee. Example: A $100 cleaning is discounted to $50 and then the issue company keeps 1/2 of that we end up with $25. Our Girls have agreed to work for less than normal pay to offer you this deal and we literally make zero profit. That being said, a few rules must be followed in order for us to be able to provide this service at such a deep discount. We thank you in advance for purchasing a deal cert, and your consideration of these rules when redeeming them. We look forward to cleaning for you.
Tips and repeat business are greatly appreciated!!
 The voucher is valid only until the expiration date. Appointments must be scheduled prior to the close of business on the expiration date. After that the voucher becomes invalid, non-refundable and non-redeemable. You must email in advance to schedule the appointment.  You must schedule by email. If you call or email on the day it expires it is too late and forfeited.  Appointments are first come first served.  A $5 service charge that covers our schedulers pay will apply to ALL deal voucher cleanings due at the time of service in cash you must also leave the deal voucher with this payment otherwise the deal is void. 

Email with address ASAP to get on the appointment list. It may take us a few days to reply. We will not be able to schedule you at your convenience. Scheduling is done by order of location only. This is necessary in order to save time, conserve fuel, and reduce carbon emissions. It's our way of 'Going Green.' If you are outside of our service area you will incur a travel fee as well. Please leave a key in a secure, pre-communicated location if you work, or will otherwise not be home during the day. Weekend appointments are not available for deal certificates. 
Vouchers sales are final, and can NOT be refunded or redeemed for cash (or any other form of payment). Vouchers are for new clients ONLY! Current clients are offered the same deal for gift certificates but you must be purchased directly from us. Vouchers may only be applied to what is specified in the deal and basic hourly cleaning services. 

We work in teams and sometimes solo. Cleaning hours represent man hours, not chronological hours. For example 2 hours of cleaning can be done in 1 hour with 2 girls. This is not a whole house cleaning however sometimes we can get it all done, it depends of the mess it's an hourly cleaning. We recommend that you leave us a note detailing your 1st & 2nd priorities. If you want a whole house cleaning then you can pay the additional amount which we will discuss if you are interested in having the entire home cleaned. Payment for the extra is due at time of service by cash or check. 

We do not prep or de-clutter on deal certs unless you pay an extra fee. Please make sure everything is picked up off your floor, toys, laundry, dishes, papers etc. We know your husband is going to say "Why are you cleaning before the cleaning lady comes?" The answer.... would you rather them scrub the tile and toilets or pick up clothes on the floor? The toilet always wins!! This allows us to work efficiently, and for you to get the most out of our time.

If you have pets: We will not take ANY type of responsibility for pets. If you have an escape artist pet you must have your pet sectioned off, put in a garage, tied up, in a carrier, outside, in the basement or a room with a closed door and a note on the door. We love pets! We actually do lots of pet sitting services however we don't have time to be chasing 500 peoples animals if they get out. We also don't know your pets yet. We are careful about keeping doors closed, we love to give treats,  we are not afraid of pets, we deal with pets all the time but Please, Please, Please help us keep your pets safe by giving us instructions about your animals and accepting full responsibility and liability for them. 

You must provide us with at least 48 hours to reschedule OR we reserve the right to cancel your voucher because we need time to plan our route and schedule employees. If we are unable to gain access to your home OR are turned away the voucher is forfeited as we have already wasted time and gas at that point. 

We do not provide references for deal certificate clients. I can't have 500 people calling my loyal long term clients and asking for references---they will go crazy!  This also means I will not do that to you if you continue service. On our INFO page we have just a few testimonials. We have been in business for 15 years that says a lot.

 Thank you for understanding. These policy's are in place because we have dealt with lots of unnecessary weirdness on past deals! It's easy, email to set the appointment, leave a hidden key, a note, cash or check to cover any additional agreed upon services, and return to a clean home at the end of the day.  By submitting an appointment request you except the terms and conditions of all deal certificates and will not be refunded by us or the deal issue company after an appointment is scheduled.  

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